University-led Coaching for the Development of Digital Competence and Well-being

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Introduction and content

Welcome to the university-led course Coaching for Digital Competence and Well-Being, which is geared toward disadvantaged populations. It is essential for people experiencing particular problems to learn the necessary skills and maintain their well-being in today’s fast-evolving digital world. This course is designed to assist vulnerable groups in navigating the digital world and is taught by professionals from prestigious universities.

We will offer a thorough structure and instructions to improve digital proficiency while fostering general well-being throughout the programme. This course aims to equip you with the skills and information you need to succeed in the digital world, regardless of whether you are a marginalised group member, have limited access to resources, or encounter other obstacles.

You will delve into fundamental facets of digital competencies, such as cybersecurity, online collaboration, critical thinking, and digital literacy. Additionally, we will prioritise conversations on maintaining a digital balance, controlling screen time, creating meaningful connections online, and forming healthy digital habits while paying particular attention to the needs of vulnerable groups.

This training unit will provide you with the abilities and knowledge needed to go over digital barriers, improve your possibilities, and foster well-being to empower vulnerable populations. Come along on this life-changing journey with us as we embrace the digital age while promoting inclusivity and empowerment for all.

Target groups

  • Social workers, digital coaches, multipliers
  • Seniors
  • Migrant population
  • Young mothers
  • Disabled persons
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