DigiVET – Supporting Digital Learning in SMEs

Background information

This course is built on the contents of the Handbook for Coaches of Digital Learning in SMEs produced as an intellectual outcome of the Erasmus+ DigiVET project.

The objective of this course is to inform future coaches, continuing support agents for the workplace or work-based learning, human development trainers, coaches and counsellors, as well as VET trainers in training centres, about the state-of-the-art techniques of working with digital media and the current methodologies in work-based learning (such as learning and working assignments, visual process descriptions, animations, explainer videos, video-based instructions, etc.) as best practices from partner countries.

The course lays out a systematic process of coaching the target groups of VET trainers and small SME trainers to become agents to introduce digital media in SME and VET training systems.

The course starts with a discussion of the relevance of work-based learning (WBL), including how the use of digital media (DM) should contribute to WBL (in contrast to using digital media in traditional formal education in settings like universities, schools, or formal further professional training. An important emphasise of the course is also on the competencies needed to successfully embed digital learning resources in the learning system of a smaller company. The last part of the course provides detailed information and guidelines on creating the most relevant digital learning resources.

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Certificate of attendance

You should be signed in to complete the course and earn the certificate of attendance. Watch all the introductory videos and mark all the lessons/topics as completed. After finalizing the final questionnaire with the evaluation of your experience, you will be able to download and print your certificate.

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